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Digital Art Fair Asia was created for every demographic that wishes to appreciate, create, and collect digital and NFT art, embracing the use of digital technology in a constantly evolving generation. DAFA 2021 is the first-ever physical art fair in Hong Kong with a focus on the immersive art experience, new media art, and NFT Crypto Art where art lovers will see the most exciting artwork by renowned cutting-edge artists. Visit our exhibition in Hong Kong this October or via your VR goggles anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing you at DAFA.

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Jordi Fornies

Loudly Quiet

The Absence of Interaction

As an artist I am focused on research. In the empirical world of science research is crucial to understanding, creating, and sharing your life’s work— art follows that same path, albeit with the subjective. People live in that subjective, and our experiences, emotions, passions and thrills are measured by stories. Artists research stories, and work to find the mediums that express and relate to themselves best. My process is both very intimate and fed by the stories I experience and share from the world around me. It culminates observations, interactions, and is part of what spurs on continued learning and travel to people and cultures unknown. Embracing imperfection, working non-methodically, and staying away from too many popular conventions on technique is how I practice. I find synergy between shapes and the materials being used. ‘Loudly Quiet’ is my response to a year locked down. Life has been tumultuous, but also very quiet in the studio, absent of interaction, and devoid of the substance that previously fulfilled a need. This new work is the result of self-manifestation.

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National Museum in Belgrade

Rubens' Circles

Rubens and his legacy

The oeuvre of Peter Paul Rubens, an artist who achieved unprecedented fame throughout Europe already at the beginning of his career and whose paintings in the collections of the most powerful patrons of his time were a measure of prestige has given rise to unending debates on his actual contribution to the enormous number of artworks that came out of his studio. It is clear from the enormity of the number of works bearing the mark of his artistry that, despite his exceptional talent, inexhaustible energy, and fabled speed of painting, he could not possibly have produced all of them without the help of his studio, whose size became the stuff of legend.

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