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Virtual Reality Art Exhibitions At VR-All-Art

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VR Exhibition by HOFA & KREATION

HOFA GALLERY HAS ESTABLISHED ITSELF AS A PIONEER AND INNOVATIVE VISIONARY IN THE ART SPHERE. AS IT APPROACHES ITS 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, HOFA IS ONCE AGAIN SHOWCASING ITS LEADERSHIP IN THE ART SPACE, REDEFINING THE ART WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WITH ITS LATEST NFT EXHIBITION, “THE NEXT REALM”. The exhibition will begin on HOFA Galleries NFT Auction house on February 18th before moving through the Metaverse to World Expo 2020 Dubai, where each piece will be exhibited through our partner ALL.ARTs virtual gallery. During this time all NFT works will be live and available on the platform. The event will showcase a selection of some of the most highly sought-after 1/1 digital pieces on the market, including works from Bran Symondson, Adam Martinakis, Leo Caillard and 25m42.

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The Remastered Collection

The TODAY Series

“The past was already in the past. The future is still far away. For our generation, today, only today!" These are the words of famed Chinese poet Bei Dao, which form the theme of our exhibition. In this exhibition, Liu Fei's works express the relationship between man and nature, animals and machines; Si Mao uses his magician to express people's pursuit of power and the inseparable and naked relationship between power and money; Ma Yongqiang's work Source shows us his imagination of the unknown future; Yang Peng, Liu Yujun and Yin Kun all coincidentally express the series of gouging and uneasiness brought about by our human system. Yang Peng, Liu Yujun and Yin Kun all coincidentally express the series of gouging and uneasiness brought about by the human system; and Yin Jun more directly vents the emotions brought about by such uneasiness or uncertainty!

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SolSea and VR-All-Art


Exclusive VR exhibition

The company Digital Mind is hosting an exclusive VR exhibition called “Interrelations” in coordination with VR-All-Art and SolSea. The purpose of the event is to promote new VR trends and present the latest achievements in the field. The exhibition is set to feature seven artists, each with a different artistic style and a variety of pieces exploring different themes. In spite of them not stemming from the same set of ideas and principles, each piece gives an impression of blending in with the general notion of the event which is meant to represent diversity and freedom of expression. Featured artists include Aleksa Gajic, DÅSK, Milos Rajkovic - Sholim, Čoke, MataLive, Tiho, and DarMar.

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