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Eugster || Belgrade

Mother Tongue

Ivana Ivkovic

Ivana Ivković is showing a new series of drawings, in the show titled Mother Tongue at Eugster || Belgrade, thus returning to this particular medium after several years. The artist is immersed in the personal flows of learned and unlearned life lessons, and within that process of collecting and calculating the impressions, among other things, she is sensing a possible way forward. This therapeutic procedure is also open to the viewer, who can recognize their own trajectories through the intimate presentation of a particular state in the mirror of the drawing itself. Ivana Ivković’s drawing is not a sketch or a template for other artworks or performances – we should perceive it as an act in its own right, the most authentic and direct expression of emotional / thought flux, or an intersection of psychological states. In that sense, drawing can be the key to understand her other artworks, ambiance installations and performances. As the title of the exhibition suggests itself, the drawing represents the basis of her artistic thinking, her Mother Tongue.

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ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform


Gerardo Liranza

Gerardo Liranza Durán (San Antonio de los Baños, 1987) is still a landscaper, although at first glance some of his most recent productions look like abstract creations. The absolute and definitive abstract does not exist in art and Gerardo does not even claim it. These geometric patterns - a fusion of straight lines that form angles - actually evoke industrial structures, factory ruins and workshops that are now a silent testimony to a more or less recent past. The viewer must approach to discover what these frames are "built" with. But there are other works and series by Liranza that can give clues of the coherent transit from a determined realism (which did not exclude color) to the “fabrics” that now occupy it, outlined with a much smaller palette: variations of gray. The motivation is the same: to recreate the passage of time on the human task. There is no eternal work: what one day was built, sooner or later, will have its decline. Gerardo Liranza does not assume explicit claims. There is a lyrical resignation in his paintings. The intention of finding beauty and harmony in decay is evident. Perhaps that is why he has not been satisfied with the tracing of a reality. These are, often, imagined frames, "built" from dissimilar referents ... or simply, pure invention. They could be a metaphor for the loss. Or the swings of memory. Gerardo Liranza Durán is a graduate of the School of Art Instructors (2006) and the Academy of San Alejandro (2012). He has participated in several personal and collective exhibitions, in Cuba and Panama.

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