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VR art platform

Explore and create VR art exhibitions


VR-All-Art is a platform that allows anyone to explore Virtual Reality exhibitions, as well as buy real art pieces through our VR application.

  • Experience art in Virtual Reality
  • Visit VR museums and VR galleries
  • See private art collections and museums
  • Acquire art while you are in VR
  • Learn more about art and culture
  • Share your experience with friends

Watch video to see VR-All-Art in action

Explore VR art exhibitions

VR-All-Art is a platform that gives you freedom to easily create exhibitions in Virtual Reality, and sell artworks without the limitation of time, space and geography.

  • Plan and set up your exhibition digitally
  • Publish exhibitions in Virtual Reality
  • Archive past and present exhibitions
  • Reach global audience online
  • Take exhibitions with you when you travel
  • Register art on a secure blockchain

Watch video to see VR-All-Art in action

Create a vr exhibition

Virtualize your exhibitions

For Artists

Impress your potential buyers with the irreplaceable experience of art in VR

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For Galleries

Expand your gallery space and showcase more works of art

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For Museums

Create a replica of your museum and broaden your exhibition space in VR

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For Collectors

Create Virtual Reality exhibitions with artworks from your collection

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How to explore art in VR?

To fully enjoy and experience exhibitions in Virtual Reality, a VR system is required. VR-All-Art supports multiple VR platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality, as well as many others. The virtual art exhibitions presented on our website are also available in web browser and can be viewed on any desktop or laptop computer. For mobile users, an Augmented Reality app will be available soon!


Advantages of exhibiting art in VR

VR-All-Art is an infinite virtual gallery space. Make digital copies of your works of art, store them in a database you can access at any time, and present your collection in VR exhibitions. Extend the lifespan of your exhibitions making them accessible to a worldwide audience 24/7 and prolong the lifetime of previous exhibitions by keeping them in Virtual Reality. Plan, curate and set up art exhibitions easily on your computer, even on-the-go. Then take your VR exhibitions with you wherever you go and reach more potential clients.

Online exhibition planning

Quickly and easily plan, set up and publish virtual exhibitions using only our web apps - no special hardware or software required.

Multiple platform compatibility

Publish your exhibitions on the VR-All-Art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps, and showcase art online on the website.

First exhibition - Free

Join the VR-All-Art community, upload HQ photos of your art, and create your first VR art exhibition to test and play with the platform.

Secure art marketplace

The All-Art Blockchain gives our partners an added layer of security; it ensures secure art trade and records provenance for all registered artworks.

About Us



Video interviews that explain the story behind VR-All-Art. Featuring: Vitomir Jevremovic, CEO & Founder, Alexander Fuerer, COO & Co-founder, Niklas Leck CEO & Co-founder of CrytAdvise, Slavimir Stojanovic Artist / Designer, Aleksandra Lazar, Curator / Artistic Director, Drina Gallery

Alexander Fuerer

Why is VR-All-Art based in Switzerland?

Alexandra Lazar

What is the role of curators in the future world of VR exhibitions?

Slavimir Stojanovic

What is the relationship between design and art?

Niklas Leck

Why is blockchain important for the art market?