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X VITAMIN gallery

Anja Tončić
VR Exhibition


When exhibition loads, use arrow keys or ASWD keys to move. Drag with mouse to look around and click on the floor to move.


Composite artistic relations created as a product of the study and influence of physical theories on fluid dynamics, subatomic phenomena, theories of refraction, cybernetics and interventional combinatorics set a paradoxical mix of organized chaos that gradually summarizes the constructive elements of the offered scene, as well as all features of decoration and functions. The concurrence in the simultaneous painting processing and drawing principle of dense concentration of line relations has the goal of emphasizing the destabilization of perception during rotational motion by using visual methods of experimental electromagnetic interactions and wave-transmitterings. The linear approach to the cyclic movement and the illusion of rotational motion on a static surface known from the methodology of futurism and later op-art, leads to the conceptual challenge of the inert position of classical drawing, which is generated on a formal-stylistic level through the representation of moving images, although limited by the conventional framework of the classical medium. With this series of drawings and paintings, the author presents kinetic visions of the symbolic whirlpool as a platform for universal confrontation by studying the basics of acceleration and aerodynamic resistance, with the intention of artistically integrating resulting movements, rhythms and vibrations. The interference vortex of re-examined rhythmicity leads the whole depiction by absorbing the surrounding visual elements into its own violent organization of mass, volume, oscillations, as well as the reciprocity of contrasts, while using the seemingly limited mobility of drawing method as a mean of shaping and expressing opinions and attitude about the exact composition and provoking the formulation of the question about the problem and/or the phenomenon of the resistance itself as an originator and a necessity.