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Joan Miró

Selected artworks from the collection

Joan Miró, one of the most prominent painters of the 20th century, left behind an incredibly large and important graphic opus. In his printing atelier, he produced excellent graphic works in all mediums; etching, aquatint, lithography, and carborundum. Visconti Fine Art’s collection is trying to reflect Joan Miró’s magnificent variety and artistic skillfulness of his graphic print production.

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John Angus Chamberlain

Selected artworks

John Angus Chamberlain (April 16. 1927 – December 21. 2011, was an American sculptor. At the time of his death, he resided and worked on Shelter Island, New York. Chamberlain is best known for creating sculptures from old automobiles (or parts of) that bring the Abstract Expressionist style of painting into three dimensions. He began by carving and modelling, but turned to working in metal in 1952 and welding 1953. By 1957, while staying with the painter Larry Rivers in Southampton, New York, he began to include scrap metal from cars with his sculpture Shortstop, and from 1959 onward he concentrated on sculpture built entirely of crushed automobile parts welded together. Far more than just another wrinkle on assemblage Shortstop and subsequent works completely reinvented modeling casting, and volume altering Marcel Duchamp's notion of the readymade and using the car as both medium and tool. In 1962 Donald Judd wrote, "The only reason Chamberlain is not the best American sculptor under forty is the incommensurability of 'the best' which makes it arbitrary to say so.“

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Aureus Gallery

The Anatomy Of Consciousness

Selection from a private collection

These carefully selected artists, whose works express aesthetics of the Western esotericism, entwined with macabre pictures and memento mori messages filled with occult symbolism, represent the concept of the exhibition under the name “The anatomy of consciousness”. The sentence “The anatomy of consciousness” points to the devotion of every chosen individual to the unique artistic and aesthetic expression which one builds into one’s work. With this expression, the artist explores the depths of the human mind and the abyss of existentialism in which the modern man finds himself imprisoned between a ruthless existence and the lack of power to resist fate – the fate which he has unconsciously built for centuries, while recklessly rushing across searing tracks into the chasm of civilization. These devoted artists work every day on a unique way to decipher the nature of the world and the being, so that they may divide time by periods and thus leave a mark in the horizontal continuum called the material world.

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