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ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

Pedro Pablo Oliva
VR Exhibition


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I don't own VR hardware
When exhibition loads, use arrow keys or ASWD keys to move. Drag with mouse to look around and click on the floor to move.


I have always tried to link my life with creativity. I believe in everyday life, that of conflict, that of contradictions; there is precisely the theme and the germ so as not to turn the work into a daily repetition. I have tried to be a chronicler of my time, something like a kind of pictorial press or sculpture newscast. Everything that happens forces me to use different shapes, themes, and images. But beyond political or social events, I have observed humanity and its psychological dimension, with its strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy moving between drawing, painting, and sculpture, always keeping an eye on the peculiarities of my country, but also on human struggles that are universal. I think you can find truth in everyday life. If my spiritual state is chaos or my context is chaos, then too, my work is chaos; if the situation is confused, my work is confused.