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All-Art at Solana Hacker Houses

Presentation of VR-All-Art’s virtual NFT collections minted on Solana

VR-All-Art was a guest at two of the Hacker House’s 2021 world tour events. Through presenting NFT collections in the virtual medium, the visitors of these offline events were able to access minted art pieces on Solana blockchain. 

The presentation was first held in Moscow, where, besides from virtual exhibitions, visitors were able to attend numerous lectures, workshops and opportunities for NFT investments, jobs and experiences. The audience of the six-day event were mentored by the Neon Labs and had been hosted by core Solana Labs engineers.

Besides from Moscow, VR-All-Art had its presentation in Prague, where cryptocurrencies have been in the focus of the public eye since 2011. Through organizing this event in the Checz Republic, VR-All-Art has, with other attendees, supported the positioning of this region as more visible for crypto development.

VR-All-Art has provided each location with five headsets where visitors could enjoy virtual exhibitions of some of the most renowned digital artists in virtual reality. The platform has presented the latest NFT collections of up-and-coming and established artists and as such given the opportunity to the audience to experience the latest trends in the domains of virtual reality, NFT and crypto technologies.

Hacker House is one of the leading companies in the field of cyber security, digital ethics and professional training in these domains.