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All-Art team at Montenegro Blockchain Forum

Increasing the visibility of crypto in the Western Balkan region through showcasing positive practices

The representatives of the All-Art team were guests of the “Montenegro Blockchain Forum” held in Podgorica. The forum was organized in order to open discussion about regulation of crypto and blockchain businesses in the Balkans. 

Organized by the ADP ZID (Asocijacija za demokratski prosperitet Zid, Montenegro), the two-day conference hosted more than twenty panelists who have discussed the future of blockchain and virtual technologies. Milan Markovic, the creative director of VR-All-Art has presented the latest advancement of the platform and introduced the expert audience to the advantages of exhibiting art in virtual reality.

Through innovating in the domain of curatorship, VR-All-Art has presented new ways of showcasing physical and digital pieces, but also presented possibilities for NFT collectors and enthusiasts. Together with the SolSea platform, the VR-All-Art platform allows the minted NFTs to be displayed in virtual reality and trade with them. The audience present at the event was able to attend virtual exhibitions in person.

The two-day long event was an opportunity to bring closer representatives of public and private sectors, as well as to answer to the great interest of the local authorities to regulate operations in the domain of new crypto technologies. That’s how VR-All-Art has set itself as a leader in innovation and opening the Western Balkans region towards blockchain and virtual reality trade.

This conference was supported by the European Union.