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VR-All-Art Platform Opening Doors To Museums And Cultural Institutions In The Following Days

Amidst worldwide quarantine, VR-All-Art announces it will be opening its virtual doors to museums and cultural institutions around the world.

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, social distancing has become the way humanity can fight this difficult situation. It is a unique position we’ve all found ourselves in and quite a demanding task we are all facing both as individuals and as a society.

Due to recent events that have affected us all, but perhaps especially cultural institutions such as museums, we are working quicker than ever on moving as much art and cultural heritage into virtual reality as possible, so that anyone can enjoy and draw endless inspiration from art and culture wherever they are on the planet.

VR-All-Art is creating an art platform of the future by interconnecting all players in the world of art and making art accessible to everyone around the globe. In light of social distancing, we have sadly reached a stage where we are deprived of physical contact and have had to restrict our movements. Currently, only the virtual space provides us with the opportunity to interact while keeping distance, to be inspired by new experiences while being safe at home.

In the following days, we will open our doors to all cultural institutions, museums, governments to upload and exhibit their artworks in virtual reality for the public to explore, share and enjoy the greatest works of art our civilization has produced.

Welcome the art world into your homes, on your VR headsets, mobile phones, or computers.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay tuned.