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3D scanning of contemporary artworks by female artists

After a successful exhibition ‘Women about Women’ held as a part of the project ‘The Rise of Women’, VR-All-Art team has continued to collaborate with five partners dealing with female authorship in the Western Balkans Region.

Five organizations from Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia have been working on representation of contemporary female art through a set of different activities, with the latest one being residency held in Zadar, Croatia. The residency program has provided space and conditions for individual and collective creation and production of artworks, exchange of knowledge among young female artists and curators.

The two-week residency has resulted in a collective exhibition where VR-All-Art team has scanned art pieces using Artec Leo 3D scanner. Furthermore, several workshops were held for female participants in order to train them how to use digital and virtual tools. This way, artists will be able to continuously present and curate their artworks through the VR-All-Art platform.

The idea of the project is mainly based on participation of women in culture, their gathering and connecting with the aim of raising awareness of the role of woman in culture in the Western Balkan.

The upcoming collective exhibition will soon be available on VR-All-Art for the broad audience.This program is co-funded by the European Union.