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VR-All-Art’s CEO is a Rising Star of XR

XR4ALL has picked the XR Star of April 2021 - and it’s Vitomir Jevremovic

XR4ALL, an initiative of the European Commission whose aim is to strengthen the EU extended reality industry, recently published an interview with the CEO of VR-All-Art. In their words, Vitomir Jevremovic is an XR Star, providing solutions that move the European XR tech industry forward.

From his “origin story” and building one of the first virtual reality museums, to revolutionizing the world of arts & culture with extended reality, Vitomir shared his past experiences and challenges, his thoughts on XR technology and its future, and even opened up about some personal matters.

On the subject of who inspires him within the industry, Vitomir said, “There are hundreds, if not thousands of people working relentlessly in various XR companies to bring experiences and virtual worlds closer to us, and each and every one of them deserves praise and an honorable mention because all of them contribute to the development of XR and the future.”

Get to know our CEO better by reading the full interview.