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The pioneer event of hybrid technologies dealing with the new age of art trading was held at the Serbian pavilion at Dubai 2020 EXPO. With discussions related to NFT, blockchain and virtual reality, the event has opened a discussion about the future of crypto and virtual technologies.

With 12 panelists the audience was able to hear renowned opinions of crypto and technological enthusiasts, participating in the panels called ‘Building the Web3 infrastructure’, ‘Art and virtual worlds’, and ‘The brave new world of NFTs’. Each of the panels, while focused on one topic, was intertwined with the aspects of art trading and the future possibilities that NFT, crypto and virtual reality bring. The audience was able to participate both in person, if present at the Dubai 2020 EXPO or remotely. Participants from all over the world will gather at the same time in the metaverse, a virtual space that was tailor-made for this occasion by the team from the ALL.ART protocol. 

Besides the panels, the audience was also able to visit three exhibitions in virtual reality. The exhibition ‘The next realm’ was presented in partnership with HOFA and Kreation, one of the leading marketplaces for NFT which holds exclusive pieces by global leading artists. Another exhibition called ‘Today - The remastered collection’ has showcased a comprehensive collection of award winning artists’ lifetime works produced by ArtWormz DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization owned by its artists members. Finally, the exhibition ‘Interrelation’ has gathered renowned artists from across the world into one virtual reality space. All of the exhibitions were presented through VR-All-Art platform, the leading innovator in the field of exhibiting in virtual reality.

“The technologies of which we speak - the blockchain and cryptocurrencies - have the potential to change the world on a much grander scale than what the internet has done at the beginning of the 21st century, and the NFT technology (non-fungible tokens) will lay the foundation for connecting the reality we know with the digital world. That is the key link for the creation of the metaverse which will and is already becoming, an extension of our analog world,“ Vitomir Jevremović states, the founder and CEO of ALL.ART protocol and of the biggest platforms for NFT trading in the world, the SolSea platform. 

The event is organized by ALL.ART, SolSea - the NFT trading platform, and VR-All-Art, with support from the national platform Serbia Creates.