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First Gala International Symposium of Art

Renowned artist Gala Caki is organizing the first annual Gala International Symposium of Art. Taking place between the 22nd and the 27th of October 2018, the symposium will gather leading international artists, under the theme of Fictive dreams. The venue of the art symposium is Club Reset – a gorgeous house in the middle of nature, where visitors will have an opportunity to interact with other artists and participate in discussions. The symposium will include numerous seminars as well as visits to cultural sites. On the 23rd of October, an auction will take place as part of the Symposium, after which visitors will have a unique chance to experience a Virtual Reality exhibition by admiring artworks showcased in VR-All-Art’s VR gallery, Aureus. Artists featured in the VR exhibition are: Jingdong Shen, Shixiong Wu, Mohammed Al Atiq, Benny Oentoro, Lalo Sanchez Del Valle, Sinisha Kashawelski, Klemen Brun, Kristina Milakovic, Naod Zoric, Justyna Warwas, Biljana Milenkovic, Petar Mosic, Lee Young Ji and Gala Caki herself. On the 25th of October, artworks created during the symposium will be exhibited to guests in the Gallery of Matica srpska. Despite the wide variety of art schools, art must be preserved, documented, and conveyed to others. Gala’s organization has committed itself to document international modern art, preserve works of art, shed light on authentic creations through live workshops and exhibitions, and to support art and artists hoping the best for the future and the upcoming generations. Gala International Symposium of Art is a cultural message that presents thousands of international artists’ artworks allowing for a cultural, critical and intellectual analysis. Such analytics can later help form different cultural projects that will highlight the gaps in the global art scene and showcase the aesthetic side of the audience. Briefly, Gala International Symposium of Art does not reflect certain opinions, thoughts or principles, but it aims to preserve, document and spread the work of artists, believing that each work of art reflects the vision of its creator.