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All-Art’s Founder and CEO at the Tomorrow Conference

One of the largest events related to crypto and NFT technologies was held in Belgrade, Serbia, where VR-All-Art development is based.

From May 13th until May 15th the representatives of the most important international companies dealing with blockchain and crypto technologies were present at the Tomorrow Conference in Belgrade.

On the first day of the conference, Vitomir Jevremovic, All-Art’s CEO, was moderating the discussion with Chris Andersson (founder and lead developer, LUX VR Metaverse), Léo Caillard (artist and director) and Tomo Vukasović (co-founder, Miners of Mars) on behalf of All.Art and SolSea platforms. The discussion called ‘Creator economies and NFTs of the future’ has brought together the artistic perspective opposed to the business one and opened the debate about the future economies of art such as digital creation, virtual perceptions and blockchain development.

The second conference day has once again hosted Mr. Jevremovic as a guest speaker, who has  held the presentation called ‘NFT beyond the collections’ in front of a full capacity of the BelExpo Center in Belgrade, where he had the opportunity to introduce the audience to the latest advancements of All-Art protocol, as well as VR-All-Art and SolSea platforms. The presentation was followed by the open discussion of attendees and Mr. Jevremovic.

The first edition of the conference has gathered not only founders and CEOs of some of the leading businesses of the region and Europe, but also crypto enthusiasts, investors, experts and sponsors. The three-day event has opened the dialogue of the latest trends in the domains  of crypto, metaverse and the NFTs.