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3D scanning of prehistoric artifacts

The lockdown has ended and the VR-All-Art team is resuming 3D scanning of the most significant artifacts from the archaeological site of Vinca.

Following the end of the local lockdown in Serbia, the VR-All-Art team has continued working on the latest planned exhibition of prehistoric art and artifacts from Vinca culture, one of the largest prehistoric archaeological sites in Europe. The team scanned over thirty of the most significant figurines from the Neolithic in three locations with the latest 3D scanning technology.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and supported by the Archaeological Collection and the Center for Digital Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, as well as the Belgrade City Museum, the National Museum in Belgrade and the Vincha Archaeological Site. It will be presented in both virtual and augmented reality, and available on the web through the VR-All-Art interactive 3D web viewer.


3D scanning of artifacts not only protects cultural heritage, but it also enables a wider audience to utilize the most advanced techniques for documenting and presenting cultural objects. Since the introduction of virtual reality, it has become possible to bring objects closer to audiences, making them more accessible to anyone regardless of distance or global lockdowns.