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Die zarten Gleichgewichte des Zuhause

Öl, Tinte, Bleistift auf Papier

57 x 76 cm

Los tiernos equilibrios del hogar


Pedro Pablo Oliva

Pedro Pablo Oliva (Pinar del Río, *1949) counts as one of the most remarkable living painters of the Cuban art scene. For his lifetime achievement he was awarded the Cuban National Prize for Visual Arts in 2006. Over 4 decades of an unbounded fantasy and relentless observations led to a lifetime oeuvre of technical excellence, visual fantasy, psychological acuteness and conceptional coherence. At the exhibition FACES OF AN ISLAND ArteMorfosis displayed bronze sculptures and paintings from 2013 to 2015, most of which were displayed publicly for the first time.

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ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

Pedro Pablo Oliva


I have always tried to link my life with creativity. I believe in everyday life, that of conflict, that of contradictions; there is precisely the theme and the germ so as not to turn the work into a daily repetition. I have tried to be a chronicler of my time, something like a kind of pictorial press or sculpture newscast. Everything that happens forces me to use different shapes, themes, and images. But beyond political or social events, I have observed humanity and its psychological dimension, with its strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy moving between drawing, painting, and sculpture, always keeping an eye on the peculiarities of my country, but also on human struggles that are universal. I think you can find truth in everyday life. If my spiritual state is chaos or my context is chaos, then too, my work is chaos; if the situation is confused, my work is confused.

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