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El Secreto - The Secret

Utopías y Disidencias - Utopias and Dissidences

Mixed media collage on cardboard

76 x 112 cm

The secret is a late work that links elements from the series Windows and Councils of Mom (from the late 80s and early 90s) and Utopias and Dissidences (from the past decade), among them the dark environments and delimited by a framework through which we lean out to browse events that take place in closed rooms. A king of hearts, who is also a wind-up toy, visibly captivated by a queen, pays her full attention to what she whispers behind her, while three pawns armed with rifles march outside. The allusion to absolute power, its intrigues and temptations, and the manipulation of the feelings and ambitions of the powerful that make us vulnerable to their whims and volubilities, and that can even determine the destiny of nations and the course of history, are clear. , as well as that of families. The image immediately brings us to the famous Scottish renegade Thane of the Shakespearean tragedy, driven to crime by the influence of his unscrupulous Lady Macbeth.