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Una cosa con guitarra / One thing with guitar


Acrilyc on canvas

100 x 70 cm

The series "Isolation" arises in my work because of the possibility that the semantic game of the term offers me, the conceptual weight in the international context in these moments of confinement where social distancing and the confinement of the individual are advocated where few are capable of enrich your inner world, this theme that encourages reflection on human and animal existence. In my works I have always been interested in addressing social criticism and all the problems that emanate from it, from the perspective of zoomorphism and the creational metamorphosis to which I submit my characters to try to remove that animal that we have inside. Stay at home: It is one of the works that comes to head this series of works that focus on showing the viewer a moment of ecstasy of one of the characters; it refers to the beautiful moments of creation in art, with a character playing his instrument, making music from home as the slogan on his t-shirt suggests. A question is created: why a goat as a symbol? Many readings arise in the viewer, according to the psychological study of the animal and the connotations in popular slang that derive from its condition as a goat animal or the mental state attributed to it. Together with the reactions caused by confinement and distancing in society, emphasizes and accentuates this concept but that despite any reading shows a light that dispels any trace of this state of despair or madness and art is presented as healing healing the soul and spirit.