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Jose Luis Lorenzo


Studies: Graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts of Pinar del Río, Cuba. . Scholarships and grants: 1997. Creation grant awarded by the AHS, for the best exhibition project Insular Metaphor. . Main solo exhibitions: 2019. Miti e utopie. QueenArtStudio Gallery. Centro Espositivo di Arte Internazionale. Padova, Italy / 2013. SPOLETO FESTIVAL ART 2013, Italy / 2009. Inner Resistance. Collateral to the Havana Biennial. Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana, Cuba / 2007. Lorenzo and Dirk Lambrecht, a Cuban and a Belgian. Gasthuiskapel, Borgloon, Belgium / 2006. Testing Force. Casa Oswaldo Guayasamín. Havana, Cuba. . Main group exhibitions: 2020. Contemporary art. With il riconoscimento by Jose Van Roy Dali. Padova, Italy / 2019. It is humanity images of the world. BACC Bangkok Art Center and Culture / 2019: Heart & Soul. Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. Latin American Contemporary Art Event, Miami, Florida / 2018. The art of nature, homage to J.Beuys. Padova, Italy / 2013: IAAF 2012, South Korea Latin American Art Fair. Seoul. . Collections: Arturo Regueiro Gallery. Pinar del Río, Cuba / Colección UNEAC. Pinar del Río, Cuba / Museo Atilano Armentero. Pinar del Río, Cuba / Art Museum of Pinar del Río, MAPRI / History Museum of Pinar del Río, Cuba . Prizes: 2020: Originality award. Bienale del Senso e Dellamateria 5 Edizione. Sing. Italy / 2019: Prize of the Jury, Premio Sensorialismo Materico 7 Edizione. Sing. Italy / 2019: Menzione Speciale Critica. Golden Prize 2019. Padova, Italy / 2001: Prize in sculpture and installation at the international event Visuarte 2001. Cienfuegos, Cuba / 2003, 2001, 1998: CUBAneo Awards of Visual Arts, the only Cuban artist that is endorsed with three of these awards, awarded by Pedro Pablo Oliva for 10 years, to the most outstanding work in the Pinar del Río context, during a whole year. . Other activities: 2019. Nuts Distinction. Awarded by the AHS Visual Arts Section for developing a reference work for young creators / 2013. Nominated in Cuba for his work and career for the 2013 UNEAC Award, Havana / It is part of the INTERNATIONAL CATALOG OF MODERN ART - MDS n ° 12 (2012-2013), in Italy / It integrates the dictionaries ESCULTURA EN CUBA SIGLO XX by José Veigas and The Biographical Dictionary of Plastic Arts Volume II by Ursulina Cruz Díaz / 2006. XX Anniversary Medal of the Hermanos Saíz Association, in recognition of the contribution to Cuban culture.