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Fig 96


Acrylic on canvas

104 x 129 cm

ANXIETY Social isolation is one of the most effective ways to prevent a disease from spreading, in our case COVID-19. At the beginning of my current confinement in Havana, I had a desire to explore, to experience the deserted city; but instead these anxieties were channeled in another way. In another city, to the east of the island, there was a friend who from time to time flooded the networks of photographs, of his recent bicycle trips through areas near the province of Holguín. Taking advantage of my confinement and photographing it was an effective therapeutic method that helped me assimilate this new reality in which we live. Working day by day on his transfiguration into a fast-looking THERATOS1, gave way to the dissipation of the tension and stress that the confinement generated. These days the virus lurks along with the new experiences and challenges imposed by the current pandemic. Anxiety 1. State of agitation or restlessness of mind. 2. State of anguish and fear that accompanies many illnesses and that does not allow the peace of those who suffer from it. 1-Teratology 1. Scientific discipline that, within zoology, studies abnormal creatures, that is, those natural individuals in a species that do not respond to a common pattern. 2. Study of anomalies and monstrosities.