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ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

Jorge Rodríguez
VR Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

When exhibition loads, use arrow keys or ASWD keys to move. Drag with mouse to look around and click on the floor to move.


Jorge Rodríguez starts from the meaning of the word "figure" to display an arsenal of images. The spectrum of the series is vast: from determined figurations to others that flirt with the abstract. From certainly expressionist visions to surreal delusions. The references are multiple: schools and artistic movements, design trends, scientific drawings ... That abbreviation, "fig.", Can include many things. A graphic, a portrait, a landscape, a daydream. This series could be taken as a sample of the possibilities of art, which is an area that resists typecasting (although to a large extent an art history can be narrated from common places). The artist trusts his ability to create senses, communicate, "explain" ideas, specify metaphors, tell stories ... without the need for words. The strength of the image. Of the pure image. The figures of Jorge Rodríguez, who do not even have titles beyond the simple enumeration, become independent from a literary body. They are autonomous, or so they claim. It may seem that we are facing amusement, but the forcefulness and transparency of certain "messages" makes us reflect. Sometimes a figure is enough to understand a concept.