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Colgando el río en los labios o poema líquido en tiempos de sequía /Hanging the river on the lips or liquid poem in times of drought

Performance documentation

100 x 50 cm

Not For Sale

Rivers run through our veins, throat and skin that transmute into personal fluids. They are incorporated into our body and discarded by it, in an unconscious way, making a spiritual - corporal journey that leads only to the idea of ​​some natural processes, but they ignore the poetry of the journey. The performance responds to an action where saliva plays a fundamental role, in a coming and going of it, making a fact that already was admissible by force of action, but in an automatic and instinctive way. It goes beyond the natural act of drinking; creates a kind of ritual where the vitality of the juice is perceived. Play with the idea of ​​trying to quench your thirst, (spiritual or bodily) slowly savor what is ingested without thinking; the obviously imposed that leaves no room for choice.