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María de Lourdes Santana


María de Lourdes Santana Arcos. ISA Visual Arts student. Graduated at the Benny Moré Visual Arts Academy in Cienfuegos, specializing in painting. Born: October 9, 1998 Taguasco, Sancti Spiritus. Creator's Record: 19810. Some of the most important events he has participated in: 2019 * Performance "What must be changed." Cienfuegos. * Personal exhibition. Thesis performance "The sea does not fit on my chest." Hundred fires. 2018 * Expo Mateo Torriente 2018 Cienguegos. * Abstract Prose Expo. Bayamo. * Student Hall 2018. Exhibition Hall of the Benny Moré School of Art. * The Survivor Rat. Exhibition Hall of the Benny Moré School of Art, Cienfuegos. * V Meeting of Abstract Art Formart 2018. Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Bayamo-Granma. * REM Abstraction Expo. Reason for the Santi Spíritus Technology Fair. La Guayabera Museum-Gallery, Sancti Spíritus. 2017. * Biennial of mountain "For the love of life". Hundred fires. * Expo Vita Brevis 2017 in Sancti Spiritus. * Student Hall of the Academy of Arts Benny Moré 2017. Provincial Party Hall. * Performance "We are not and will not be self-destructing machines." Boulevard, Cienfuegos. 2016 * Performance "You will corrupt my body, but not my soul." Imago area, Cienfuegos. * Performance "This is mine." Benny Moré School of Visual Arts, Cienfuegos. * Student Hall of the Benny Moré Arts Academy 2016. Provincial Council of Plastic Arts of Cienfuegos.