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Natalija Miladinovic


Natalija Miladinović was born in 1988 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2014, at the Department of Applied Painting. She exhibits her art through painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. She successfully creates in each of the disciplines, and numerous exhibitions that she participated in confirm her commitment. Still, painting and photography are the two artistic expressions that are closest to her sensibility and within each of those, she manifests her full potential. The fact that she transfers her curiosity and desire to create through several fields of art display that she is an artist with many skills. In her artwork, we can see the struggle between her two sides, practical - realistic and untouchable - irrational. Natalija found a way to somehow divide the areas in which she can express each part of her personality: through her photos we see clear thinking and planning of each frame, while her painting exudes the freedom of movement and unconstraint. She’s been a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 2017, Beo Art Contemporary, and Europe’s Art galleries. She lives and works in Belgrade. She has been exhibiting worldwide since 2009 and has participated in several solo exhibitions and over 40 group exhibitions in Serbia, France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. Important projects and exhibitions in which Natalija participated are exhibitions in Strasbourg and Brussels within the project “Women in Art for Peace” and the international project "Women about women". In 2018, Natalija represented Serbia with her artwork, the painting "Peace", at the “Women in Art for Peace” exhibition, which was supported by Europe's Art. Exhibitions were held in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and in the building of the Committee of the Regions. In 2021, she became a part of the international project "Women about women", contributing with a photograph that represents a woman as a future mother. The project is a platform that initiates dialogue and deals with the position of women in today's society, empowering women to take the initiative in artistic creation.