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梁慧欣 Chivas Leung Wai-yan

Hong Kong

1994年生於香港,2018年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。梁慧欣主要進行繪畫及版畫創作,視繪畫為令一段回憶完整的儀式,生活中不可逆轉、失落的部份常令她想要好好記住所發生過的一切。她的創作「根據真實故事改編」,從其真實經驗裡撮取不完整的部份,將不同空間和事物重組並留下故事的線索,藉著虛構、不可能實現的場景以填補記憶中的缺憾,告別和記念那些一去不返的時光。 Chivas Leung Wai-yan (b.1994) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018. Her art practice focuses mainly on painting, drawing and printmaking. She sees art-making as a ritual to complete memory, as the irreversible nature of life prompts her to vividly recall past memories. Leung’s art is always “based on a true story”: while anecdotes in her works are often adapted from real-life experiences, they are imaginary. Those stories contain secret clues to retrieve the missing pieces in her memory. What is important, after all, is to commemorate all those times she had.