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Can we skip to the happy finale?

凹版畫:蝕刻、飛塵 | Intaglio: Etching, Aquatint

69 x 49 cm

Not For Sale

許多靈魂在過去的夏天消失,他們被各種方式吞噬,但仍看似毫無可疑。許多人相信這城仍舊是一片樂土,繼續如常生活,世界一切依舊。在梁慧欣的銅版畫作品中,荒誕離奇的事情接二連三地發生,人們看似幸福,畫面卻暗藏危機。理想的烏托邦只是假象,未來總是未知。梁慧欣以童話式的想像寄寓對現實的諷刺,盼望一切只是一齣有高潮起伏的電影,總會迎來快樂的結局;在完結之時,我們重新相聚起舞,不必躺在塵埃之中。 Many souls disappeared last summer. They were engulfed in seemingly unsuspicious ways. Many still believe this city is a paradise where life carries on and the world remains the same. In Chivas Leung Wai-yan’s intaglio print, bizarre events happen one after another; behind happy faces in the image is looming danger. Utopia is simply an illusion, and the future is an unknown. Leung’s imagination resembles fairy tales: it contains satirical commentary on the real world. She hopes that reality will be just like a movie with an inevitable happy ending, where we could reunite and dance in joy.