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張梓祈 Cheung Tsz-ki

Hong Kong

2018年畢業於香港中文大學,同年獲得「香港版畫工作室年獎」。有人通過藝術梳理自己的國籍及身份,有人通過對藝術的質疑找尋生活的價值,也有人把藝術視為寄託情感的地方。張梓祈暫未有一個固定的理由創作,或許他正嘗試在作品中描繪對美好的追求,同時認清自己在現實中的無力和缺失。 Cheung Tsz-ki graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and received the “HKOP Award in Printmaking” in 2018. Some people use art as a way to map out their nationality and identity; some seeks the meaning of life through doubting art; and some sees art as a source of emotional sustenance. Cheung is searching for a reason to make art. Perhaps he is also trying to represent the pursuit of good with his works, while acknowledging powerlessness and loss in life.