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凹版畫:美柔汀|Intaglio: Mezzotint

21 x 23.5 cm

Not For Sale

不論是馬路上燃燒的路障,或是遠在澳洲的山火,這些都是我們近年經常接觸火焰的影像。對張梓祈而言,火焰的意象不只讓人聯想到危險或災禍。在城市中看到的火光,明滅間都帶著複雜的情感。蛋糕上的蠟燭有著對未來的期盼,香燭冥鏹蘊含對故人的思念,七月一日的煙花蔓延着無奈和諷刺。張梓祈嘗試在作品中呈現火光的不同狀態,以模糊的意象讓觀者的視線在畫作之間徘徊。 Whether it is a burning roadblock on the street, or the bushfires in Australia, the imagery of fire is no stranger to us in recent years. To Cheung Tsz-ki, fires are not only associated with danger or disaster. The flickering flames we see in the city manifest complex emotions: candle flames on a birthday cake encapsulate hope towards the future; burning incense sticks embody longing for the deceased; and fireworks on 1 July elicit feelings of resignation and irony. Cheung attempts to show various states of flame with abstract imagery, inviting the audience to contemplate his art.