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ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

The Truly Essential
VR Exhibition

Edel Fonseca

When exhibition loads, use arrow keys or ASWD keys to move. Drag with mouse to look around and click on the floor to move.


What do we really need to live? It is one of the maxims that has trapped human beings since he has enough of his greed. The constant dissatisfaction with what is possessed is the wall that does not allow man to find the peace he seeks since his conscience is born, given all the desires and needs that a human being may experience throughout his or her journey of existence. Urinating on desires is exactly what a cynic would do, just as Diogenes did to the men who threw scraps of food at him, raising his leg as if it were a dog’s leg, increasing his condition and nickname of dog to the passers-by of a Hellenistic Greece. More than a school of antiquity, it is a modus vivendi that radically clashes with the socially established, in the past as in the present tense. Philosophy as a way of life without engaging in metaphysical speculations and abstract contemplations, aims to redirect attention towards the here and now, promulgating that virtue falls on the will of man and therefore Persecution of the external is unimportant, claiming completely the natural. The objective of the series “The Truly Essential” and of the project of the same name is not to express a educational attitude about the history of philosophy, nor does it prophesy cynicism as the only solution to question given at the beginning, neither to human problems, nor even as a solution in itself, nor the idea of a direct and crude criticism of humanity, as a cynic would do, nor make a sudden change of opinion, culture or philosophy to those who stop their thoughts to observe the work. The primary objective of seriousness is to remove with questions the interactive consciousness of thought and its unconscious creating doubt in the expectant about his true objectives as an individual, which primal question branches out to the point of creating awareness that your desire is an extra and is not truly necessary for its existence as a thinking thing. Making you question more about what is really necessary to die in peace.