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SHARED WORLDS - A Trip From Havana To Zürich
VR Exhibition

Alicia Leal

When exhibition loads, use arrow keys or ASWD keys to move. Drag with mouse to look around and click on the floor to move.


​Alicia Leal (*1957) is an artist whose works oscillates between dream and reality. With carefree, typically Caribbean color intensity, her storytelling, surreal paintings are visually inspired, among other things, by the folk art of Cuba: Fables, visions, mysteries, and life are her sources of inspiration. With her second Zurich exhibition SHARED WORLDS - A TRIP FROM HAVANA TO ZURICH - she is undertaking this journey again. Like a seismograph, Alicia Leal reflects the society in which she lives: Although the starting point and destination of this journey are the same, the journey through the inner creativity of this woman has created new and fresh works.