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VR-All-Art is issuing a public


For cultural institutions in lockdown.

Create your VR exhibitions for free

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the globe, social distancing and closure of all public spaces have become one of the means humanity is fighting this situation. As the global lockdown progresses, cultural institutions remain inaccessible, closed to the public, and the only way to reach their audience is online.

Our original plan was to go live online by the end of May 2020. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances we are all facing, our vision of bringing arts & culture into virtual reality is being realized much sooner than anticipated. We have put extreme efforts into opening the platform ahead of schedule, and we are inviting and encouraging all institutions to join VR-All-Art and create Virtual Reality exhibitions for free for the entire period of the lockdown.

Weve worked hard to make sure creating and publishing exhibitions on our platform is a fast and easy process. Your exhibition will be presented in Virtual Reality and you can share it with owners of VR headsets, while others can access the content on their mobile phones through Augmented Reality or cardboard VR. We have also enabled embedding so that you can show your exhibitions on your website as a high quality interactive walkthrough.

At the moment our VR and mobile apps are used privately by museums and gallerists only. They will be publicly available within 10-14 days. Until that time, if you own a VR headset and you are interested to test out exhibitions you are creating, before the public launch, please send us an inquiry and we will send you the VR app directly.

If you want to see how exhibitions on the VR-All-Art platform look like, click here.

If you want to see how easy it is to create them, click here.

How to launch your first VR exhibition in less than a day:

  1. Gather the digitalized artworks and artifacts from your institution that you would like to exhibit following your own vision. Mid to high resolution photos of the pieces will work, or 3D scanned objects if you have them.
  2. Register on this page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and open an account for you.
  3. Log into your new account on the VR-All-Art dashboard and upload your art pieces (image or 3D object files).
  4. Create an exhibition, choose your virtual gallery space and select art pieces for the exhibition.
  5. Launch the VR-All-Art Exhibition Editor and start setting up your virtual exhibition.
  6. Upon completion, apply for publishing your exhibition on the platform.
  7. An embed code will be sent to you, which you can use to embed the link to your exhibition page on VR-All-Art into your website. You will also receive a QR code for launching the exhibition on the VR-All-Art mobile app. It will also be accessible to anyone who owns a VR headset through the VR-All-Art VR app.

* As we are still in mid-development, there might be occasional bugs and errors present. We kindly ask for your understanding and help in locating them as we work on improving the platform and providing the best experience for everyone.

* In order to create exhibitions on the VR-All-Art platform you need to own copyright to the materials (art pieces) you use in the exhibitions.

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