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Wuper with green apples

Parallel to his wild style Wuper was developing pieces that had much simpler structure so that he can use them in the situations where he did not have enough time to execute elaborate wild style pieces. At first it was only letters but after one commercial work where he made a painting of a bird he started adding birds, portraits or fruits to the pieces. This started a new phase in his artwork and it was very obvious that classical artistic rendering of the additions spread onto the letters and the whole pieces started looking as it was painted instead of being sprayed on the wall. In 2016 he started using the brushes and acrylic paints and started dedicating more of his time to the actual canvas paintings and to the murals in which he was doing naturalistic representations of humans, animals and birds. He does not like to mix the media and if he is using spraycans he is not mixing it with the acrylic and vice versa. But in this particular piece we can see that even though he tries to keep his fine art and graffiti artworks separate the cross-pollination was inevitable. The apples were very obviously represented in the best tradition of still life paintings but are fitting very well as a decoration and an accent to the monochrome graffiti in the background. Also this simple, almost throw up like, silver piece looks as if it was painted on the wall with the brushes.

Milena Student Piccino

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