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Ink and watercolor on paper

100 x 70 cm

The work belongs to a series of drawings that arose from the need to live with the global health crisis generated by the Covid-19 disease. After the first two weeks in quarantine and without access to my workshop, a notepad that I kept at home became the support for this kind of logbook. A daily drawing always published on my social networks was the expression of my own concerns, but also collective ones. This work is derived from that series, with which I am interested in drawing attention to human qualities that we had lost and that we have missed in the midst of the nostalgia that this social isolation caused us. It preserves the intention that has always accompanied my work, to issue a comment on my own context; And at a time as specific as the one we are living in, I am interested in contributing ideas that will help the existence of a possible better world to live in after the pandemic.