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THINK TWICE OF EXISTENCE, A.I. PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF EXISTENCE THINK TWICE OF EXISTENCE encapsulates this NFT atmosphere to perfection. It evokes an underwater sounding omen or beautiful portent of great magnitude — it presages a human existence message along with its unfamiliar earthly matrix. Designer 25m42, and Multi-Platinum producer Aeneas "Hardley Davidson" Middleton the newly teamed up for this collaboration of a lifetime endeavor, THINK TWICE OF EXISTENCE is imminently about to introduce a new innovation with NFT created. 3D Imagination using sound .25m42, uses Sidefx Houdini and Zbrush to build his masterpiece. Along with, Cinema 4d and redshift for rendering. Middleton arranged and orchestrated an atmospheric hybrid of electronica and orchestral score using Roland's SRX Orchestra software to create out-of-this-world sci-fi sounds, along with voice overs that bring the vision of 25m42's vision into the universe. Edition 1/1