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現實和故事:十二生肖篇 Reality and Story: 12 Chinese Zodiac

凸版畫:木刻油印 | Relief Print: Woodblock

20.7 x 210 x 364.3 cm

Not For Sale

人類常以動物隱喻自身,透過動物世界的故事記錄、嘲諷、批判和反省人類社會發生的事件。來自不同時代及文化的人運用獨有的語言,藉著動物的故事訴說自己的經歷與感受。時至21世紀,我們身處於資訊發達的地球村,成長於政治及文化交雜的香港,又該如何以動物訴說這城的故事?在《現實和故事:十二生肖篇》中,劉家俊以圖像、文字和符號碰撞出多重意義,講述他近十年在香港經歷的事件和感受。 Human often uses animals as metaphors to document, mock, condemn, and reflect on events happening in human society. People of different times and cultures often use unique languages to express their experiences and emotions through stories of animals. In the 21st century, we are living in a global village with advanced information. Growing up in Hong Kong, where politics and culture intertwine, how does one tell the story of this city through the lens of animals? In “Reality and Story: 12 Chinese Zodiac”, Jay Lau Ka-chun shares his experiences and emotions for the past ten years in Hong Kong through combining imagery, text and symbol.