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The definition of suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. For most people, suicide is a very extreme practice, but most of us have never realized suicide is becoming a serious and common social issue that happens around us. On my clock project, I wanted to focus on the hopeless feelings of people who want to kill themselves, to bring the audience into the last few seconds of their life, experiencing their mood. What really makes us aware of the seriousness of this social issues is the pain and suffering experiences of those who have committed suicide. Some people have a feeling of humiliation related to mental disorders and suicide. Many suicide attempters are too ashamed about this behavior to seek help, so they can never get the help they need. For them, suicide is just a chance to turn their hopeless life. In my presentation, I use animation to show the connection of everyone in the society. Suicide can cause a chain reaction to society, the community, relatives, and friends. An individual‘s death will bring a huge trauma to the people who love him or her. especially to family and friends. 能了 嘻嘻 886 Naisi 886