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School Violence: Bullying

213.4 x 213.4 cm

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When I say the words “school violence,” most of you will think of school shootings. For most people in Asia, this term represents school bullying. However, this does not mean that school bullying doesn't exist in Western countries. Data shows that half of the teenagers in the world have experienced various forms of violence in school. School bullying can happen at any time in any corner of the world, and people cannot think of it first because people don't pay enough attention to it. School bullying should receive at least the same level of attention as school shootings, because not only can it happen to any child, but in most cases, the perpetrator will not be punished, even though the victim may have an indelible degree of harm for a lifetime, and may even choose to end their own life. In my design, I am more inclined to give people a more intuitive visual experience than data. The victims of school violence are not just data, they are children who are suffering unimaginable pain. In previous related appeals, people tended to let children learn to protect themselves, but in fact, adults played a very important role in bullying incidents. I hope that all adults who have watched my project will begin to pay attention to this matter, and don't treat the injury of the child as a "joke" between the children. Children may not be able to understand the severity of the "joke,” but adults should. As a victim of school violence, I think it is necessary for me to speak up for the victims. I did not choose this topic just for this project. I have been waiting for a long time just for such an opportunity to do what I should do.