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Ruptura de valores /Securities break

Valores / Values

Oil on canvas

120 x 100 cm

From the events generated in recent times, society has rushed towards a turning point from which it will emerge renewed or collapse. The consequences of manipulating the environment conveniently are already clearly appreciated. The crisis of the new coronavirus has acted as a trigger for failed systems, for conducts that favor the economy over life. It is not about saving one another, but about understanding everything as the same concept for which one works. In this way, it has also been revealed that despite being a divided world, marked by borders, the problems are not individual, but concern everyone. The race for a vaccine unites at work for a common interest. Action should be focused on connoting what unifies us as human beings, respecting the differences of each culture and the environment we inhabit. The work entitled Securities break, highlights the breakdown of society from elements that have suffered some type of damage during their existence. Manufactures, of aesthetic value, are among the artistic productions that see their integrity modified the most in terms of monetary equivalence, depending on whether or not they achieve their preservation over time. In this proposed painting, elements of diverse origin are appreciated, a multicultural reference. Some are more complete, of others there is hardly any small evidence. Between all they add a cracked visuality, allusive to the loss of values ​​as an affectation of humanity.