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Psyche Mission

213.4 x 213.4 cm

Not For Sale

Space exploration has affected the way we live in so many ways. It has brought many new technological advancements to our world, including camera phones, wireless headsets, laptops, the computer mouse, weather forecasts, etc. Imagine a world where we lived without all these things. There’s no telling where we would be. I would like to introduce a new mission chosen by NASA in January 2017 and led by ASU called Psyche, Journey to a Metal World. Psyche is the name of the mission, and it is also the name of the asteroid we will be visiting. What makes this mission so special is that it is the first world discovered that is entirely made of metal. The Psyche asteroid can help us learn more about how earth’s core was developed. Since the Earth’s core is too hot for us to dig into, we know very little about it. Scientists believe that the Psyche asteroid could be a survivor of multiple violent hit-and-run collisions with other objects, which was common when the solar system was forming. If this is true, the Psyche asteroid could be a huge step into learning more about Earth. The big launch is scheduled to be sometime in August 2022. The Psyche mission will launch on a Falcon Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The launch will be broadcasted and streamed live via NASA TV for anyone to view.