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Psyche Mission

213.4 x 213.4 cm

Not For Sale

Psyche Mission is a NASA mission led by ASU to study the Psyche asteroid, which is possibly rich in metal. The mission is divided into six phases, A-F. We are currently at Phase D, which includes the assembly and testing of instruments and the spacecraft, shipping the spacecraft to the launch site, and launching in Summer 2022. Space exploration has been one of mankind’s greatest quests. But we also don’t completely understand what kind of planet we are living on. This mission would allow us to have a better understanding of our planet earth and solar system. The study would affect scientists, engineers, students, and all lives on this planet. As a graphic design student who has always been interested in space exploration, doing a public campaign for the Psyche Mission is an opportunity to participate. As the launch date approaches, our public campaign will bring attention to the mission, letting the public know the significant difference this mission would make. My clock project included some statistics about Psyche asteroids. A day on Psyche is four hours and 15 minutes on Earth, so the comparison of these two times is shown on my clock. The presentation includes more details about the mission and the asteroid, from the origin of the name to the trajectory of the spacecraft. In my time on this project, I have also designed some posters, stickers, and a children’s book that can bring the younger generation’s attention to this mission.