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Psyche Mission

213.4 x 213.4 cm

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The exploration of our planet’s core has been an impossible task so far. We have tried everything, from drilling to radiating magnetic waves. Those strategies have worked to some extent, giving us a pretty good idea what is there, namely nickel and iron. However, Earth’s core is still physically unreachable. The Psyche asteroid, deep in space, offers us a window into our own planet. Psyche is believed to consist of nickel and iron, which exactly matches our planet's core. Scientists at NASA also think that Psyche was a survivor from multiple violent collisions back in the early formation of a planet. Although the planet was not able to fully form, these collisions preserved an important stage of formation, creating a perfect chance for us to explore. In the summer of 2022, NASA will launch a spacecraft into deep space that will travel to the asteroid. The entire mission will take about six years to complete, but once it is completed scientists will have a better understanding of how terrestrial planets form.