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Print on canvas

165 x 117 cm

On Request

On the other hand, Petar Sibinović investigates elementary processes in nature and the appearance of different materials under the microscope. These abstract forms which are at the same time absolute real, have no other representational strength than representing themselves; they become a blank space for projecting all that content which we haven’t been able to visualise through our own experience. The dual quality of both the abstract and the real in this way becomes a laboratory for reflecting psychological content for every individual viewer. In a world where everything that exists must have a form, and therefore meaning, abstract imagery allows constant and novel markings and readings, whereas the only condition for this is the very vitality of form which sees life and the world as succulent and magnetically attracts us. During the production of these works, the collection of a large amount of information from different scientific and artistic fields is paramount. The synthesis of the acquired information occurs during the production of the work and thus becomes a sort of a tissue that connects all used sources. Petar Sibinović’s sculptures and drawings are made by simulating the creation of life, and by following the principal characteristics and functioning of the microscopic world, they bring new formal accomplishments into life which reside on the boundary between abstraction and representation. In this case, we can understand the micro-references as an immaterial state which precedes the formation of new live matter – at the same time a display of the on-going process. Funnel Contemporary Gallery Contact: