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“Mountain Of Treasures” - “The Embryo”

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@ShesExcited1 @clar_esca “The ultimate treasure chest of sound, sight, and senses. Deep dive into a healing kaleidoscope of tantalizing terror.” Part 2 of the series "Portals", VR Visuals, Ableton Live, Poetry Inspired by Danielle Laporte’s Firestarter Coursework Exercises. Created by XRE Members Clara Francesca (Voice, Poetry), She's Excited! (Music, Editing), Sky Rolnick (Visuals) Clara Francesca, She’s Excited! and Sky Rolnick are core members of the Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE), an interdisciplinary international artist collective. XRE aims to create art in a variety of mediums and genres based on the interplay between artistry, philosophy, and technology.