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Como la luna / Like a moon

Mixed media on paper

210 x 185 cm

Not For Sale

Like the Moon, it is a 28-piece polyptych made with menstrual blood on paper. Mixing art with menstrual blood is something that many women have already done, art and menstruation have been intimately connected since ancient times. However, culture and society have made menstruation a relegated and suppressed topic, which should not be mentioned. Like the Moon, it also focuses on that intimacy, magic and secrecy. In addition, it discusses the sacred character of menstrual blood as a symbol of life and death, considered with respect and even fear by many cultures, due to its magical power. Also, each of the pieces is symbolically connected to one of the phases of the Moon, a cycle, which is a simile of the psychological state of Being, it is essentially feminine, organic; and reflects the processes of conception, pregnancy, birth, puberty, maturity, aging and death.