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Mars House

Online Sale

Mars House is the first iconic “NFT digital home” for sale in history. The digital file is offered upload on the Metaverse. Music collaboration with Jeff Shroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins. During this pandemic the Krista is inspired to create a healing atmosphere using her Digital Zen philosophy. Mars House is a light sculpture, with LED substrate extending to the pool, throughout the entire perimeter of the house, for a uniform, fully integrated effect of my gradients in motion. All of the furniture elements of Mars House, designed with tempered glass and fabrics, all renewable material, with my artwork on every detail. I want this space to showcase my passion for Meditative Design, a new definition of avant garde luxury for the digital age. I learned what art is at the Ryoanji Zen garden in Kyoto. Art is a mirror of the mind. The negative space of a Zen garden is difficult to comprehend upon first encounter, but as you sit and absorb the existence of the garden, the negative space reflects into your consciousness. The negative space of no mind. Pure consciousness. I realized that art is not only about what you see, it becomes reflected into your consciousness and state of being. My art is an exploration of Digital Zen. Digital environment is relentlessly distracting and addictive. As an attempt to bring new awareness of digital consciousness, my art strips away to the core element of light, color and sound. My intention is to create a meditative environment on our screen, like a digital Zen garden. Kyoto’s architecture was built for Zen consciousness of the community, and I was inspired to expand on this tradition for the digital age. I designed and created Mars House in May 2020, during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns. Screens can be used as digital instruments of well-being. It is my prediction that micro LED technology will be used as architectural substrates for ceilings, floors and walls. My thesis is that your home can heal with the power of art and technology. The new luxury is leading edge technology purposed for health and well-being.