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Fábulas / Fable

Mixed on Canvas

130 x 150 cm

“Fables is a series of works that speak to us in a figurative sense, developed as a symbolic representation of absence as a concept and manifest of an emerging reality. The figures assume positions as patterns from the formal and conceptual. They propose to reevaluate the dialogue with the past, present and future from a self-referential sensitivity. Given the circumstances and conditions, we could say that they are a mirror of time. Each event triggers a storm, a bit of the butterfly effect. These notions or qualities are alluded to by devices of creative intermittence: family, memory, ideals, freedom, existential narcissism are a laboratory of impulses. Stereotypes and their conceptualization are being registered a little, the need to alert systems of archetypal representations seen in a subjective context, enhanced by the crisis.”