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Landscape-Hong Kong

多媒體:蝕刻、繪畫 | Multimedia: Etching, Drawing

76 x 56 cm

Not For Sale

「Landscape Project」是宋皚柔在冰島駐留期間開展的創作計畫,她根據在自然環境中所得的靈感和研究結果,以個人情感詮釋景象創作。在《Landscape-Hong Kong》系列中,宋皚柔把三個刻骨銘心的景象融合至扭曲的身體中,身體在令人窒息的空間內不斷掙扎求全——這正是她眼中的香港現貌。或許在不久的將來,「White on white」(白上白)的畫面會被洗白,但那在藝術家的眼中卻是最真實的香港。 “Landscape Project” is an art project initiated by Aki Sung Oi-yau during her residency in Iceland. Based on inspiration and research from nature, Sung interprets natural scenery with her personal emotions. In “Landscape-Hong Kong”, Sung fuses three memorable scenes with distorted bodies. Seemingly struggling in a cramped space, these bodies represent what Hong Kong looks like from her point of view. Perhaps in the near future, her white-on-white images may be whitewashed; but for the artist, this will be the fate of Hong Kong sooner or later.