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La voz de Diego / Diego's Voice

Enamel and ink on metal sheet

198 x 244 cm

Not For Sale

Diego's voice, 2021. Enamel painting and intaglio ink on metal plates, 224 x 198 cm. Diego's voice aims to explore my relationship with memory and its way of representing itself. I am motivated by the analogy between time and the customs of man, these questions have been discussed both from the rational and from the symbolic plane, marking a transcendence in science, religion or the human soul. I use the personal referent, the historical memory, the breaking of time to question the presence of the "I" in the events of the past and present. Words like memory and immovable, if they are written together, they can only be understood as a metaphor in permanent alliance with time. For me, the absence of these instants - in no case trivial - define the temporary or lasting state of people or things.