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Hábitat III / Hábitat III


Mixed media on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Under the title of "Habitat" the proposed pieces intend to express or connect with a unique and transcendental life experience in the history of contemporary man: the confinement generated by Covid 19, its consequences and associated impacts. Recreating different elements of the landscape I try to connote a group of concepts that, in my opinion, are fundamental to understand in what sense and dimension our dynamics of life have been affected. The selection of the pieces points to a discursive line that proposes different visual metaphors: emptiness as a new notion of physical space; time understood as a concept from which all aspects of life are readjusted at a different pace, much slower; the density of the atmosphere that suggests a metaphysical relationship with the represented space and the objects that inhabit it; the absence of the human figure and its multiple interpretations. All elements that emanate from this series from which I currently rebuild my own visual and symbolic universe.