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Oil on wooden panel

50 x 65.5 x 0 cm

Not For Sale

The painting “Flowers” by Jan Brueghel, from the National Museum in Belgrade, is typical of the work of this artist. Owing to his delicate brushwork and the ability to convincingly achieve materialization in the tradition of Flemish realistic painting, he was called Velvet. He earned the nickname Floral, by winning fame for his works dominated by a motif of flowers. Although the natural beauty and variety of flowers were undoubtedly his primary motive in painting still life, because of which collectors wished to own them, Brueghel’s bouquets could not have been completely stripped of the message of ephemerality and decay. Even without stressing the signs of ephemerality, with their fragile structure and intrinsically brief duration, flowers always convey the meaning of vanitas. Thus, the bouquets of Jan Brueghel had to contain certain moral messages in the spirit of the times and the environment where they were created, as well as the symbolism connected with Christ’s sacrifice and the Resurrection that lay in the details, such as the ladybird, the butterfly or the occasional grain of wheat.